How to Keep a New Years’ Celebration Safe

A Commercial Property Insurance News Broadcast

It’s become a venerable tradition of the American people: the annual New Year’s countdown to midnight that marks the heralding in of a fresh new year! Hopefully, the 2017 nationwide Near Years greeting emanating from NY’s famous business district center will be as exciting as ever – minus any terrorism activities.

Unfortunately, as world attention shifts intermittently from country to country and terror atrocity to violent confrontation, the threat of intentional harm perpetuated against innocent citizens worries law enforcement agencies and the private sector alike.

One thing is for certain. If we give in to fear, we will have given in to the extremist saboteurs themselves.

On the other hand, while we refrain from giving in to the terrorists and go about our normal way of life, we all have to do our bit in preventing a tragedy.

“I deal with general liability all the time”, exclaims an auto / property insurer. “Believe me when I underscore the risks here – they are way too great to ignore.”
So what exactly is there to do in the face of what all civilized nations realize is all-out evil?

As per the anti-terrorism organizations, the best way to keep the city streets and public spots protected is by being alert and on guard for anything that arouses suspicion.

“If you see something,” they warn, “say something!”

In other words, if you witness unusual activity or see a suspicious package, report it to the police immediately!

The phone number to call in NY State is relatively easy to remember: 1-866-SAFE-NYS.

If something disturbing catches your eye, pick up your phone and tell the emergency responder about it by:

• Precisely relating the action you have witnessed
• Describing what the suspects looked like
• Telling where the suspicious activity took place
• Noting the time of the activity
• Explaining why you deemed it a cause for concern

As far as the insurance companies are concerned, the reality of modern-day terrorism has impacted the entire industry. How?

Prior to the Twin Tower attack on September 11th, 2001, no one would have dreamed of the colossal losses and damages that the event would actually trigger. With terrorism placed on a low-probability, the carriers provided property-casualty all-perils protective coverage. This meant that catastrophic losses incorporated acts of terror. After 9/11, however, insurance companies by and large omitted terror-related damage from many, many commercial policies. Henceforth, terrorism was only included as a plan’s ‘rider’. Henceforth, many businesses made sure to include that modern-day urgent rider.

Have a Happy and Sheltered New Year!

For more on the subject, contact an experienced independent agency that deals with all forms of indemnity, including homeowners, travelers, workers comp, bonds and more.

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