It’s Time We Stop Ignoring Racism In America

1. Has Racism And Bigotry Been Repackaged In America

It’s Time We Stop Ignoring Racism In America. Racism has obviously disguised itself in a variety of ways. One of Racism’s many personalities allows it to masquerade as justice. This is perhaps the deadliest weapon in violating African American rights. The deaths of Sandra Bland and Trayvon Martin are prime examples of how dangerous race tactics are when placed in the hands of unfair law enforcement. Racially charged killings by authorities are at an all time high and the hatred that rears its ugly head from behind a Patriotic mask has Americans chanting, ” Go back to Mexico!” to other Americans. We never see what race the monster is from behind its red, white and blue veil. Make America Great Again? Nobody ever told me that America had to be a certain color to be great?

2. Why Does Talking About Racism Make Some People Angry

Social commentary has been reduced to crude jokes and stereotypes? The media is not taking it seriously enough that there’s been no reparations made on behalf of the Government to people of color. Is the whole country laughing in the face of Black America? What is even more surprising is that we don’t believe African Americans should be angry. We forget that Segregation was still legal 54 years ago after a dreadful 400 years of slavery and America revisits this hell on earth every Black History Month. These images replay themselves in the minds of a slave’s descendent every time it’s talked about. Old wounds are reopened every time an African American is done an injustice. It’s been a long time coming but it will take twice as long to heal.

On the flip side White Americans are made to feel guilty and tire of having to proceed with caution around a person of color’. Images in pop culture suggest that Blacks are violent criminals, angering them is the last thing anyone wants to do but everyone has pride. I understand slavery was not your fault but the fact that the past is hurting our present is proof that America must deal with the sins of its forefathers. If we don’t, then the future will be divided. It’s Time We Stop Ignoring Racism In America before unspoken words become actions.

3. Does All Black People Have a Victim Mentality

Someone who is unaware that their lives are easier because of White privilege may even feel that the Victimization of Black people is a made up. Today some African Americans may be shocked that police kill unarmed Blacks because they never felt like victims themselves. This is understood, we are in an era where Barack Obama is a beloved president of the U.S. and well paid Black actors, musicians and sports stars are celebrated for their achievements. No, not all Black people feel victimized but the majority who grow up impoverished, racially profiled, and subject to police brutality insist that this victimization is a reality.

4. When It Come To Racism What Makes Playing The Race Card Wrong

It seems to me that Black Americans have learned to justify their actions from White America. Affirmative Action and Racial Profiling are labels that work in the same exact way that Patriotism and Conservative Politics do when they’re misused. It is unfortunate that individuals with bad intentions covertly use the sympathy or guilt of others to their advantage. I think we can all agree that the ruling in O.J. Simpson’s favor during his trial for the murder of Nicole Simpson, was outrageous. No one in either race should proudly support the murder of another person.

Anyone who requests a certain degree of leniency according to their race, gender, religion or sexual preference does not expect to be held accountable for their individual faults. If this is your way of life then you will never become a responsible human being. For this reason, the reputation of Blacks in America as revolutionaries has been profoundly tarnished by an excessive amount of childish behavior. It is okay to identify a racist epidemic but it is not okay to justify an act when you are completely aware that it is wrong. Two wrongs will never make a right.

5. The Negative Stereotype Of People Of Color

Racial slurs and Anti-Semitic themes enabled the Holocaust. It is shameful that American media still uses racist propaganda when it condemns Nazi Germany for dehumanizing a specific group by similar methods. The stereotyping of people of color preceded World War II so in many ways Nazism is a descendent of racist America.

We seem to poke fun at each other’s flaws but fail to realize how it has successfully divided us. If we must acknowledge that not every white individual is personally responsible for the trans-continental slave trade, then why can’t we see that not every Black American who uses slang and sag their pants is a criminal?

6. America Is Not The Black People’s Promised Land

This country’s proud forefathers never considered people of color as American. Not even the culture of indigenous people who were destroyed in its wake were American. After someone rapes and annihilates your culture, why would you even want to be one? That title was never intended for anyone else but the relentless Europeans who colonized this country.

It’s Time We Stop Ignoring Racism In America when Black Americans are still being mistreated but they have no place to go. They have no promised land, they were brought here on slave ships and their homeland is still ruled by the same people who brought them here. Other races were sold the American dream but Blacks were sold in America.

7. Have Black People In America Had The Same Rights As White People and Everyone Else.

Indentured servants who aspired to be Americans could work their way out of slavery but Blacks were lynched for trying to escape.There were never laws enforced on other races claiming that they were only three fourths of a human. I know you may think the intention for this was to enslave people on illogical grounds no one could prove. The truth is that slavery violated human rights that America claimed to uphold and the only way around the law was to have the court system agree that Blacks were 25% animal.

Also, there is nobody who a president must officially answer to in regards to blacks. The truth is that many allowances Blacks received can either be extended or shortened depending on who is in office. The United Nations have no designated representation for African Americans who would be appointed to speak on important Black American issues. Despite terrorism, even Islamic citizens are represented at these assemblies. Their leadership has standing armies so governments think twice before acting while no African country has spoken up for African Americans. For this reason Black Americans can be racially profiled and gunned down by law enforcement without any repercussions.

This is why the only way a people with no army or country could wage war on American injustice was by peaceful protests. It’s Time We Stop Ignoring Racism In America, some don’t have that privilege. If you’re born a Black American, then you live in a different world with a totally different set of rules. Your only chance for freedom was to break the rules. The Constitution applied to Americans but the word American didn’t apply to Blacks.

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How to Keep a New Years’ Celebration Safe

A Commercial Property Insurance News Broadcast

It’s become a venerable tradition of the American people: the annual New Year’s countdown to midnight that marks the heralding in of a fresh new year! Hopefully, the 2017 nationwide Near Years greeting emanating from NY’s famous business district center will be as exciting as ever – minus any terrorism activities.

Unfortunately, as world attention shifts intermittently from country to country and terror atrocity to violent confrontation, the threat of intentional harm perpetuated against innocent citizens worries law enforcement agencies and the private sector alike.

One thing is for certain. If we give in to fear, we will have given in to the extremist saboteurs themselves.

On the other hand, while we refrain from giving in to the terrorists and go about our normal way of life, we all have to do our bit in preventing a tragedy.

“I deal with general liability all the time”, exclaims an auto / property insurer. “Believe me when I underscore the risks here – they are way too great to ignore.”
So what exactly is there to do in the face of what all civilized nations realize is all-out evil?

As per the anti-terrorism organizations, the best way to keep the city streets and public spots protected is by being alert and on guard for anything that arouses suspicion.

“If you see something,” they warn, “say something!”

In other words, if you witness unusual activity or see a suspicious package, report it to the police immediately!

The phone number to call in NY State is relatively easy to remember: 1-866-SAFE-NYS.

If something disturbing catches your eye, pick up your phone and tell the emergency responder about it by:

• Precisely relating the action you have witnessed
• Describing what the suspects looked like
• Telling where the suspicious activity took place
• Noting the time of the activity
• Explaining why you deemed it a cause for concern

As far as the insurance companies are concerned, the reality of modern-day terrorism has impacted the entire industry. How?

Prior to the Twin Tower attack on September 11th, 2001, no one would have dreamed of the colossal losses and damages that the event would actually trigger. With terrorism placed on a low-probability, the carriers provided property-casualty all-perils protective coverage. This meant that catastrophic losses incorporated acts of terror. After 9/11, however, insurance companies by and large omitted terror-related damage from many, many commercial policies. Henceforth, terrorism was only included as a plan’s ‘rider’. Henceforth, many businesses made sure to include that modern-day urgent rider.

Have a Happy and Sheltered New Year!

For more on the subject, contact an experienced independent agency that deals with all forms of indemnity, including homeowners, travelers, workers comp, bonds and more.

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Sure Fire Tenant Screening

Aside from negotiating and sales, tenant screening is the most profitable skill a landlord can have. Why do I say that? Because if you don’t screen tenants you won’t have a profit. This month we are going to discuss how to properly screen a tenant. I have purchased several homes from beat up and tired landlords and it almost always was because they did not screen the people they put into their homes. It is important to understand that as a landlord you are providing a significant amount of credit and you need to protect yourself like any other creditor would.

It all starts with a good application. The one I use is not the best but is really simple, I try to get the vital information while keeping it really short and easy for my prospects. I also use my application as a marketing tool for people who may want to turn into buyers or may qualify as buyers. These are good leads for mortgage brokers, real estate agents or for your own rent to own properties. I also want to know what skills they have and what tools they own. If they don’t check the box for owning a vacuum we may have a problem!

The screening really starts on the first phone call which we talked about and continues with them showing up on time to the property. I always try to sneak a peek inside their car either when they first get there or when I walk them out. If their car is a disaster what do you think your unit will turn into? I also ask a lot of questions once I get the application. This really accomplishes two things; it puts you in control and makes your unit a scarcity increasing their desire to have it AND allows them to talk about themselves. Some of the things I am listening for include:

· Do not get along with previous/current landlord

· Did not get along with neighbors

· Landlord does not take care of anything (I will call the landlord and ask about this but I don’t want a needy tenant)

· New jobs

· New relationships

· Bad relationships (domestic issues)

You will be surprised at what prospects will tell you. They will say things like drug addictions, criminal history, problems with kids or others and much, much more. I also hate it when they tell me how good of a tenant they are and how clean they are because that normally means they are messy and a pain in the ass.

I have a pretty good feeling about a tenant before I get back to my office. When I get back I pull credit and criminal back ground. Almost all tenants have bad credit so I am not overly concerned with that. What I will deny an application for is past due rent to other landlords. I also don’t like to see small collection accounts like utility bills and cell phones. The service I use also pulls a check writing and an eviction report. If there are confirmed evictions in the last three years I will not rent to them. I also don’t like to see bad check writing history although I normally will rent to them if they set up an auto pay service or only pay by money order. Finally when it comes to criminal records, drugs or domestic violence is an automatic denial. I have had a drug house once before and do not ever want that again. I don’t care if the drug offence is very minor, if they got caught with it there may be a bigger issue there. Other offenses I can look past with good explanations. I rented to a man that got in trouble for assaulting a police officer and he has actually turned out to be a great tenant. He is still in one of my duplexes today. I decided to rent to him because he told me the story and I believed him. He did make a mistake but is not a bad guy.

The most important part of the screening process is the past landlords. They will tell you how it really is. I want to know if they have a lot of people in and out of the unit, if they pay on time and if they have ever had a problem. My final question is always “would you rent to them again?” If you don’t believe that it is really their landlord (i.e. they are writing a friend’s name down to act as the landlord) you may want to ask them to confirm the rent amount but mention a different number than what is on the application. If it is a phony landlord they will agree with you but a real landlord will correct your mistake. I always check county records to see who actually owns the house they are moving from.

Finally, it is not a bad idea to call the previous two landlords, which is why I require it on my application. Occasionally a landlord will want a tenant out so bad they will tell you anything just so you will rent to them. This has not been my experience but I have heard of this type of thing going on. If you call the last two landlords you should not encounter this problem. Stay on top of tenant screening and stay on top of your profits.

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So, the Police Want to Interview You

If you are a possible suspect in a criminal investigation, you may be contacted by the police. They may request an interview and there several different techniques they might use to persuade you to speak with them. Don’t do it. See below for more details.

Good Cop

They may tell you that they just want “your side of the story” so that they can “put the case to bed”. They might make it sound like they basically have their mind made up that you didn’t do anything wrong and just need you to confirm a few details so that they can check some boxes before they officially close the case.

Is it because they’re trying to help you? Absolutely not!

Police are in the business of collecting evidence. They want you to let your guard down and give them evidence. They want you to show your cards. Did they bother showing you their cards first? Did they show you witness statements? Did they give you a guided tour of their evidence locker?

Or do they just want a free peek at your cards?

Bad Cop

But they may take the opposite approach. They might tell you that you could be in a lot of trouble. They might say that right now they only have one side of the story and if that’s all they have to go on, you’re going to be arrested and charged with serious crimes. But if you come in and talk with them, maybe they will go another way.

Is it because they’re trying to help you? Absolutely not!

It’s just a different method and technique of collecting evidence.

The police might be fair with you, but they might not. It’s not uncommon for police to push the prosecution of a case because they didn’t believe your denial was “a strong denial”. Do you know right now for a certainty that your denial will be the kind of denial that these particular police officers will definitely 100% accept? Absolutely not!

So, knowing they want to talk to you for the purpose of collecting evidence, consider that if they’re going to prosecute you, do you want the prosecutor to have MORE evidence or LESS evidence?

Less. The answer is “less”.

So, What Should I Do?

Look, I love the police. I used to be a prosecutor and I know how hard the job is and the good they do for the community. I also know how quick a cop will lawyer up if they find themselves the suspect in a crime. So, don’t let them shame you – they could and would do the exact same thing!

If you lose this hand of poker, you get taken away in chains and put in a cage. That’s the brutal reality of criminal cases. So, when the people holding the key to that cage ask you for a free peek at your cards, politely decline and tell them you want a lawyer.

If they ask you why you want a lawyer, ask them if they would be okay with waiving their Second Amendment right to have guns. They’re not. Tell them you’re not okay with waiving your Sixth Amendment right to have a lawyer.

But I’m Innocent

Doesn’t matter! Guilty people go free and innocent people go to prison. Life is not fair and people are not perfect – so don’t expect the criminal justice system to be. It’s not what you know, it’s what a judge or jury believes.

So, if someone asks you why an innocent person would want a lawyer, ask them if they’re familiar with the Innocence Project.

Ask them if they know of Cornelius Dupree who served 31 years in prison for a rape and robbery that DNA evidence proved he didn’t commit.

Ask them if they know of Larry Ruffin who died in prison 30 years after being sentenced for a murder and rape that DNA evidence proved he didn’t commit.

Ask them how many people have been exonerated by various Innocence Projects around the country. Ask them if they know what factors have led to so many wrongful convictions.

Innocent people, after having been investigated, interrogated and arrested by police officers, have been wrongfully convicted and have died in prison – and these police officers don’t know anything about it.

Ask them why not.

Actually – better just tell them that before you speak with them, you would like to talk to an attorney first.

Okay Eliot, But When Should I Speak to the Police?

Please see below for a detailed list about when you should speak to the police.

You’re married to a police officer and they are asking you what you would like for dinner. You are really hungry. Go ahead and tell them what sounds good. But even then, make sure you qualify your statement – don’t tell them this is what you want for dinner, say instead, this is something that might be good. That way, you still have plausible deniability.
That’s it. That’s the list.

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The Right Questions To Ask Your DUI Lawyer

If you have the habit of drinking while under the influence or alcohol or drugs, there is a high chance that you may get arrested by the police anytime. In the event of an unfortunate incident like that, the police forces inspect the damages that you have caused and inflict a punishment of heavy penalty charges or jail sentence or both. It becomes very difficult for you to challenge this decision when you don’t have a proper legal expert defending you. This is why you need to hire the right DUI lawyer so that he can bail you out of these situations easily using his expertise and experience. You need to careful analysis and ask the right questions to your expert before hiring him. You are going to entrust him with the responsibility of protecting you in an emergency. Hence, you need to be sure that he is the best. Here are some of the mandatory questions that you should ask your legal expert, before hiring him to bail you out of a drunken driving case.

1. Work experience

Needless to say, the first and foremost question that you should ask your attorney should be about his work experience. Your questions can be on the following lines:
– Is he a specialist in DUI cases only or does he deal other cases as well?
– How thorough is he with the local drinking & driving rules of your locality?
– On an average, how many such drunken driving cases does he take up in a year?
– What is the average case completion history?
– What is the general strategy adopted?
– How many such clients has he represented so far and how many has won out of them?

2. Your specific case

After understanding about his background, you can then proceed to ask him questions about your specific case. Examples of some questions that you can ask him in this matter are:
– What should be my first course of action?
– Should I go through these tests?
– Are you aware of the equipment used for testing?
– Should I negotiate or fight it out?
– Honestly, what are my chances in this case?
– What are the strengths and weaknesses of this case and how can you play around the same to my benefit?

3. Pricing details

This is an important question to ask your attorney so that you do not face any unpleasant surprises in the form of hidden charges later on. You can ask questions like the following:
– What is the frequency of payment you prefer – per session, per hour, per month, etc.?
– What is your preferred mode of payment?
– What is the breakdown of your fee and why do I need to pay certain charges?
– Can I expect any future charges?
– Can I have a written confirmation that I am not expected to pay anything extra other than the discussed terms and about the other costing terms to avoid confusions in the future?

If you want the services of a good DUI lawyer to represent your case successfully, you should be ready with these questions and more. The confidence and clarity with which the legal expert answers your questions are deciding factors for you to know if he is the right person to defend you or not.

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What to Do If You Are a Victim of Sexual Harassment

There are two types of sexual harassment: verbal and physical. You need to know how to deal with them both because you will never know at what stage of your life you will be assaulted either verbally or physically. It’s best to head on prepared. Read on for insights.

Verbal Abuse:

This can be done either by a person’s bad motive remark or someone may surround your home, embarrassing you in front of other fellow inhabitants by a loudspeaker. They may take secretly videos of your moves inside the house and expose them. They may put your entire apartment on spy camera and exploit you. All these are examples of verbal abuses. How do you manage to escape them? It’s best to contact a family lawyer, family friend or relatives or anybody you believe can help you. Your own family may not be in a position to help because the assaulters may have already threatened them and made them helpless.

While you search in your mind who to take help from, do it calmly and tell yourself, “I cease to be a victim.” Mustering strength from these words, you attempt to take help. Tell yourself, after you have identified your problem with others, “Hold on. Help is near.” This way you are bound to overcome your problem of verbal insults. There are also other ways to get help. You call itEve Teasing and report to the police. The police can handle the matter for you. There are countless ways to get help. You are not helpless and you are not alone. Seek for help and you will get plenty.

Physical Assault

Someone has jumped in through the window and is ready to attack you. You grab anything nearby like an air freshener, aerosol spray or any kind of spray-like bottle and spray directly into his eyes. Then run for your life and hide. If you are lucky enough to have your cell phone with you, contact the police. And if you don’t, never panic. Let time pass and let the assaulter get bored and leave the place. Or if he is lucky enough to find you in your hiding place, throw sand and mud into his face, targeting his eyes and nose and go inside the house and dial the emergency number on the land phone to get help.

If you are dealing with an all-time murder assaulter, keep yourself cool. You have distracted him twice. You may need to distract him one more time before help arrives. What can you do? Act friendly and start talking to him. When the time is right, hit him hard on the head with something heavy for example, a big, heavy stone from your fish aquarium would be a good example. Be open to ideas and strike him down. You can leave the rest of the work happily to the people you have asked for help.

Summing up, verbal or physical harassment – neither should be tolerated. You need to protect yourself and ask for help from anybody that comes to your mind. If you can only think of police, be it. They will be most willing to help. Just keep your cool and brevity and everything will work out fine.

Always remember nothing ever surpasses without justification. Your intruders will certainly have their share of severe punishment and you can sigh in deep relief.

Rosina S Khan has authored this article, explaining how you can escape verbal or physical harassment.

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Important Facts About National Impaired Driving Prevention Month

The Purpose of National Impaired Driving Prevention Month

Since December is one the busiest months of the year full of winter holiday celebrations like Christmas and New Year’s Eve, there are a lot more social events and late night get-to-gathers where alcohol is available. Sadly, driving under the influence is quite common during holiday season. Impaired driving puts drivers, passengers, and pedestrians at risk, and each year it claims the lives of thousands of Americans. In December, we observe National Impaired Driving Prevention Month to create more awareness on the issue.

Some Important Facts About This Month

It is reported that every year, around 30 million people drive while intoxicated and around 10 million drivers go behind the wheel after taking illegal drugs.

Nearly 25 people a day were killed in alcohol-impaired driving crashes in 2010. Drinking and driving can be deadly, especially for teens.

Young adults (ages 21-34) are much more likely to die in a car crash after drinking alcohol.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), every day, 28 people in the United States lose their lives in motor vehicle crashes that involve an alcohol-impaired driver.

In 2014, of the 1,070 traffic deaths among children (ages 0-14), nearly 19% involved alcohol-impaired drivers.

Drugs other than alcohol are also a factor for traffic accidents.

Effective Preventive Measures

Prevention starts with our sense of personal responsibility. It is high time that drivers, irrespective of their age, start thinking about how they can practice safe driving and re-evaluate their driving habits.

Conducting school programs and educating teens on how important it is NOT to get in the car with a driver who’s under the influence would be an effective solution.

Electronically monitoring repeat DWI offenders also appears to be effective. Ignition interlocks in cars prevent operation of the vehicle by anyone with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) above the specified level.

If you come across a possibly drunken driver on the road, immediately contact the police! Your timely action might save someone’s life.

Families play an essential role in putting an end to impaired driving. We should all educate our children about the risks involved in consuming alcohol or illicit drugs and especially how dangerous this is while driving.

If your holiday plans involve drinking liquor, make sure to always plan ahead for a safe ride home.

Every year, a higher volume of vehicles flood the roads. People rush to see their loved ones for the holidays and the odds of getting into a driving accident increase during these periods. While most people are well informed, there are still many other people who are not aware about how this easily avoidable problem could affect their loved ones. It is our personal duty to help people understand how dangerous this habit actually is.

Organize a local awareness campaign to explain the risks involved and how drinking and driving can affect families. Surprise the attendees with customized giveaways. Silicone wristbands are perfect for such campaigns because they are original, durable, long-lasting and inspiring. You can get them in different colors, fonts, sizes and styles. Wristbands carry messages. Choose from “Think and Drive”, “Never Drink and Drive” or come up with something of your own.

Have a happy and safe holiday season!

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The Cultural Beliefs Behind The Establishment of Burial Sites: A Tool For Biodiversity Conservation

Biological diversity sometimes referred to as biodiversity, has been the direct supplier and enhancer of resources for the survival of the human generation. It provides humans with the basic necessities that life itself hinges on, thus, food, clothing, and shelter. However, their service to humanity is overarching. Biodiversity resources essentially offer the medicine that humans use in curbing the nuisance diseases that makes life intolerable and even abridge life itself! It is the secret weapon that helps humans in fighting against climate change together with its great consequences like drought, deforestation, habitat destruction and many others. The need to conserve and sustainably use the biodiversity resources has been a global cry for centuries, especially in the late nineteenth century due to its wanton depletion at a rocketed rate. Thus, conservation agencies around the world are looking for multi-faceted approaches to help conserve these precious bio-resources. Burial sites of royals and important persons in various societies have been one of the tracts of land that have indirectly conserved a lot of endangered flora and fauna species. Thus, there is the need for an enlightenment of the potentials of these burial sites and the cultural beliefs that propelled their establishments and ultimately leading to the conservation of rich biodiversity resources in their pristine states.

Many societies in the world have a common ritual of preserving the burial sites of their ancestors, especially those from the royal or the ruling class, merchants and other important persons who have left an indelible mark in the development of societies. Among some African societies, these persons qualify as ancestors because of their immeasurable support that led to the establishment of societies. Thus, they are honored by respecting the sites where their mortal remains have been everlastingly kept. All biological diversity resources around their burial sites or cemeteries are viewed as sacred and as such must not be abused. Local residents in some cultures are even tabooed to enter into those tracts of land to pick anything. The sacrosanct nature of the burial sites together with the rich biodiversity resources has contributed immensely to the conservation of numerous globally endangered species of biological diversity.

It is believed among ethnic societies that it is a gross disrespect to the ancestors whose remains are at the burial sites to defile the place by wantonly destroying the bio-resources kept under their watch. The fear that the ancestors are still living and that they are constantly policing the activities of humans has been the driving force behind the prevention of resource exploitation of those burial sites.

However, it is believed that the ancestors honor and bless society members with rich resources that provide cures to the disturbing and often perplexing diseases in the society. With traditional priests and medicine men as leads, the ancestors reveal the parts of some plant species in their burial sites that could provide the cure for the disease(s) that may have potentially caused a plague. Since the knowledge of the cure is only the preserve of the traditional priests and herbalists in the society, the biodiversity resources are sparingly taken from the burial sites ensuring their conservation and sustainable use. Such is the case of the ‘Yesu Dua’ (Jesus plants) in the royal burial site of the Asantehenes (Kings of the Asante kingdom) of Ghana at the Breman Town in the Ashanti region of Ghana believed and proven scientifically to cure some kinds of cancer!

Also, before a particular part of a plant is taken, complex sacrifices are offered to propitiate the ancestors whose remains are steeped in the site. This helps in preventing any form of injury or hurt by anyone present in the eve of the cutting or extracting of the part of the plant. Failure to perform the sacrificial offerings strictly carried out only by the traditional priest is believed to incur the wrath of the ancestors which may be a death plague. Therefore, no ordinary society member with this knowledge would even dare enter the gazette burial sites of the ancestors and/or even take any biodiversity resource.

These cultural beliefs held strongly by the members of the society monitored under the vigil eye of the members of the traditional councils in the local communities have contributed to the survival of the clusters of royal burial sites globally with highly diversified and rich biodiversity resources. Conservation agencies and the various governments in countries must back the efforts of traditional societies in protecting these gazette burial sites. Probably, a law enacted and passed by the government to prevent the exploitation of these burial sites coupled with huge sanctions imposed, may be very helpful in realizing their eternal survival. This is very relevant in the face of westernization, technology, and global civilization that have negatively influenced the attitudes of many residents around these burial sites who do not hold on to the cultural beliefs and/or believe in the eternal existence of the ancestors.

The cultural beliefs that have led to the establishment of burial sites in local and indigenous societies have significantly contributed to the conservation of biodiversity and must be respected and reckoned. They are indeed one of the contemporary conservation mediums for the scarce biodiversity resources that play quintessential roles in the survival of the present and future generations.

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The Importance Of Hiring A Good DUI Lawyer

Life is unpredictable; therefore, the least that you can do is to be always prepared so that you can handle all adverse situations with better mental balance, without getting into panic mode. Getting caught in a drunken driving case is one of the worst moments in your life. A happy party with friends turns out to one of most nightmarish moments in your life when the police hold you for driving under the influence of alcohol.

You could be let off with a fine or you could be jailed based on the intensity of the accident and damages that you committed while driving in an intoxicated condition. Irrespective of the intensity, it is always recommended to have an expert DUI lawyer to represent your case, so he makes things easier for you. Is it important to have this expert attorney by your side? Definitely yes! The following reasons will explain to you why.

1. Expertise of local laws and regulations

A good attorney would have lots of experience in dealing with such cases previously in his career, and he would be well aware of the local laws and regulations. Therefore, he analyses your case in various angles to find loopholes and hold on strongly to them while representing your case. An experienced lawyer will do everything that is under his purview to reduce your fine or jail sentence to the maximum possible extent.

2. Great team to support investigations

One of the most convincing reasons as to why you need an experienced lawyer to help you, in this case, is that you will get the support of a professional team. The lawyer employs a team of his own to conduct background investigations and to gather as much as information as possible from this case so that he can proceed with the case with full confidence. He prepares reports based on the findings from his team and thus makes his representation as factual as possible so that he doesn’t fail. He also conducts cross-examination of witnesses so that he can prepare answers in your defence and represent your case strongly to reduce the punishment offered to you.

3. Driving license

When you are held for driving under the influence of alcohol or other drugs, the police confiscate your driving license thereby leaving you in the lurch. Therefore, it becomes imperative for you to choose the right and best DUI lawyer to represent your case. If you have a clean driving record previously and if you tell all the facts related to the accident clearly to your lawyer, he will take your case to the court and represent it in such a way that your punishment/sentence is reduced considerably. You will also get back your driving license within no time, thanks to the expert representation of your lawyer.

A good DUI lawyer will save you from a situation that you thought was the worst in your life. When you have lost all hopes and when the future seems dark and gloomy, your legal expert comes as a silver lining to identify the facts & figures of your case and bail you out of the same.

It is very important to give considerable thought and time to choose the right DUI lawyer to represent your case. You cannot afford to go wrong in this decision as that would mean a longer jail sentence or payment of exorbitant penalty charges for you. Choose the right expert and place your trust in that person to take you out of the legal mess that you are embroiled in.

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Top Four Reasons To Choose A Good DUI Lawyer

Basketball remains one of the most revered games played today. The jerseys sported by players on court actually assume a very significant shape in the lives of the NBA fans, who sport pro-cut uniforms of their favorite teams in a bid to show their love for the same. A typical basketball uniform consists of sleeveless upper halves, shorts, knee caps and head bands. There are a lot of factors considered before selecting basketball uniforms and today, we’re just going to take a look at what those factors are.


Yes! At the heart of the selection of these jerseys is comfort and there are so many things that needed to be taken care of in order to ensure comfort. The right fit and fabric are the two most important factors that need to be taken into account here. A tighter upper half might hinder mobility in a major way, while a fabric unable to absorb sweat is not really fit for humid conditions. So, a choice needs to be made in accordance.


A manufacturer selling the entire ensemble is more likely to be preferred by the buyers instead of those selling only the upper halves or the lower halves-firstly because, the former offer products within a more affordable price bracket and secondly because it is generally more convenient to get your needs fulfilled by only one manufacturer instead of hunting several suppliers at the same time. It’s a matter of double the research or double the groundwork. You have to conduct background research and price comparisons for every other product differently.

Team consensus

Team uniforms (irrespective of whether they’re sported by cricketers, soccer players, basketball players and so on) are generally selected after securing common consensus. The jersey designs and colors are only zeroed in on after all team members put forward their opinions regarding suitability. A team is known by its jersey. As basketball fans, we understand how important our favorite team jerseys are for us. Every other team is driven by different sensibilities as far as their passion, overall team outlook, and their approach towards their game are concerned. The team jersey thus selected serves to reflect different sensibilities in a major way. A team, for instance, which is new in the circuit and are known for their rawness might as well have the color red present dominantly in their team uniform or in patches.

You need to find a credentialed manufacturer in a bid to get your hands on quality stuff. Be sure enough to consult manufacturers that are actually known for providing custom team jerseys that are the right combination of affordability and quality. Plus, they should be able to deliver orders before within the desirable timeframe. The use of advanced machinery ensures that jerseys are crafted fast without compromising on the quality.

Seek recommendations from peers and browse through the plethora of online reviews in order to find out how different manufacturers have been rated and reviewed.

Hope this primer will help you in your quest for the right team uniform.

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